Common BrandsCompanyUnit DosePrice
AxogurdAlembic75mg Tabs3×10’s=KSh. 1,370.00
CabalinCachet25mg Tabs24’s=KSh. 650.00
EpibalinMSN75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 875.00
GabicaGetz50mg Tabs14’s=KSh. 778.00
GablinCCL75mg Tabs14’s=KSh. 689.00
LigabaMega75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 700.00
LyracipCipla75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,408.00
LyricaPfizer25mg Tabs28’s=KSh. 1,049.00
MaxgalinSun50mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,050.00
NervilinDawa25mg Tabs3×10’s=KSh. 760.00
NeurogabMacleods75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,103.00
PregabaUnichem75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,720.00
PregabalinMetro75mg Tabs56’s=KSh. 950.00
PregabenIncepta75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,200.00
PregavalexEvapharma150mg Tabs2×10’s=USh. 70,000.00
PrenuraPulse75mg Tabs3×10’s=KSh. 800.00
SegabinInventia75mg Tabs3×10’s=KSh. 1,320.00
SyngabATCO50mg Tabs14’s=KSh. 285.00
TorgabalinTorrent75mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,550.00


Treatment should be started at 150mg/day and can be increased to 300mg/day after one week if necessary.

The maximum of 600mg/day can be used after an additional week if necessary.


Ad adjunctive therapy in adults with partial seizures with or without secondary generalization: peripheral neuropathic pain in adults.

Mode of Action:

Pregabalin is an alpha2-delta ligand that has analgesic, anxiolytic and anticonvulsant activity. Alpha2-delta is an auxiliary protein associated with voltage-gated calcium channels.

Pregabalin binds to this protein, thereby reducing calcium influx at nerve terminals and the subsequent release of neurotransmitters.

Pregabalin is not active at GABA-A and GABA-Ab receptors.

Pregabalin has a pharmacological profile similar to that of gabapentin, with increased potency (3 – 10 folds).