Common BrandsCompanyUnit DosePrice
GabaRenata300mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 445.00
GabantinSun300mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,500.00
GabataAlkem300mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 1,000.00
GabatinUniversal300mg Tabs30’s=KSh. 144.00
GabapentinMetro100mg Tabs100’s=KSh. 400.00
GabanerveUnicorn300mg/500mcg10’s=KSh. 1,051.00
GabixGetz100mg Tabs10’s=KSh. 218.00
MycogabGalaxy300mg/500mcg/100mg30’s=KSh. 2,700.00
NeogabHilton100mg Caps10’s=KSh. 165.00
NeurobaUniversal300mg Caps30’s=KSh. 637.00
NeurontinPfizer100mg Caps100’s=KSh. 2,539.00
OnegabaAurobindo300mg Caps30’s=KSh. 650.00


Day 1: 300mg. Day 2: 300mg BD. Day 3: 300mg TID then increase accordingly to 400mg TID (max. 800mg TID). Usual dose 0.9 – 1.2g.


Adjunctive therapy in partial epilepsy with or without secondary generalization in those above 12 years.

Mode of Action:

Structural analogue of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). Its mechanism of action is unknown. Unexpectedly, it does not interact with GABA receptors.


Taper off over at least one week; reduce dose in elderly and in-patients with renal failure; pregnancy; lactation.

Side Effects:

Somnolence; GI disturbances; dizziness; ataxia; amnesia; amblyopia; nystagmus; headache.

Pregnancy Risk Category: